“In the Spirit of Holy Week”: Veneer Is Not Enough.

02 Apr

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Heads Up: It’s political!

One of the downsides of Twitter is its immediacy.

If one is not careful, one can toss off a tweet that comes back to haunt in full force.

Such is the case of FOX News talk show host, Laura Ingraham, and her use of a single word: “whines”:

Ingraham did not have to use the word, “whines.” She could have chosen a neutral term, such as “talks.” Or she could have altered a phrase, replacing “whines about it” with “expresses disappointment.”

One problem with Ingraham’s tweet is that it is inaccurate: Hogg was not whining.

I watched Hogg’s interview with TMZ, the video upon which the article Ingraham tweeted is based.


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