Who Cares More About Black Children: The NAACP Or Rightwingers?

09 Aug

Diane Ravitch's blog

The NAACP bravely spoke out in favor of regulating charter schools to make them accountable, transparent, and subject to the same standards as public schools.

Most people would say that the NAACP’s concerns and recommendations are reasonable.

But supporters of charter schools are outraged and hysterical.

The Center for Education Reform, which has advocated for charters for more than 20 years, astonishingly called the NAACP “opportunity’s opponent.” This is a breathtakingly insulting slur coming from a conservative organization that has long been hostile to public education.

CER provides a link to other rightwing organizations that oppose the NAACP’s criticism of public schools.

Who cares more about black children?

The NAACP or the Heritage Foundation?


The NAACP or Betsy DeVos?

The NAACP or hedge fund managers?

The NAACP or the Walton Family Foundation?

The NAACP or the Center for Education Reform?

The NAACP or the Thomas B…

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One response to “Who Cares More About Black Children: The NAACP Or Rightwingers?

  1. reibelcastillo

    August 9, 2017 at 11:07

    The problem with Charters schools leaders will stop insulting our intelligence when someone go to Jail and a lot of them deserve it . I’m not a judge I got no power insider the goberment but I got common sense because of that I replay



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