Ann Berlak: There is No Such Thing as a “Public Charter School”

13 Jul

Diane Ravitch's blog

A comment by a reader responds to the question of whether charters schools are public schools:

The use of the terms “government schools” and “public charter schools” are equally egregious. On June 14th the LA Times informed the public: “Charters are independently operated, free public schools.” The term”public charter school is becoming common usage. There Is No Such Thing as a “Public Charter School.”


Charters are not public schools. The term “public charter school” was developed by a PR firm to reframe the way we understand schooling in relationship to “public” and to democracy. Any public institution—school, library, zoo—is, at least in theory, funded by 
taxes from all the people in its jurisdiction—local, state and national—and is accountable to those who pay the taxes.

Most public schools are accountable to an elected school board made up of community 
members. Residents of that community have the right to be present…

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