Mercedes Schneider: A Teacher at Success Academy Who Lasted Only Six Months

20 Jun

At Success Academy Corporate Charter schools in New York City, the teachers and students are forced to be exactly the same. No one is allowed to be an individual, and everyone is expected to be in ruthless competition with each other — even 5 and 6 year old children in kindergarten.

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Ever wonder what it is like to teach at a Success Academy charter school in New York City? I have been contacted by several teachers who quit and told me their stories, but they were never willing to allow their name to be published. They were afraid that their future job prospects would be damaged. Here is a statement by a former SA teacher, Sasha Guiridongo, posted on her own blog and then shared with Mercedes Schneider.

What is unusual, of course, is that Sasha is not afraid to tell her story and give her name.

She didn’t last long at Success Academy. She explains why in her post. SA is known for teacher churn and burn out. That explains why Eva Moskowitz’s supporters in the Legislature were pushing hard to get a special exemption for charter teachers in the law, relieving them of the necessity of being certified…

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