Steven Singer: Selling Segregation to Blacks and Latinos

10 Jun

Diane Ravitch's blog

Steven Singer writes about the slickest con job of our time. He calls it the “Charter School Swindle.” It is a triumph of marketing and propaganda. Would you believe that charlatans sold the idea of segregation to Black and Latino parents and got away with it? Would you believe they sold these families on the claim that entry into a charter school was a ticket to success, with no evidence?

Singer writes:

Segregation now!

Higher suspension rates for black students!

Lower quality schools for Latinos!

These may sound like the campaign cries of George Wallace or Ross Barnett. But this isn’t the 1960s and it isn’t Alabama or Mississippi.

These are the cries of modern day charter school advocates – or they could be.

School choice boosters rarely if ever couch their support in these terms, but when touting charter schools over traditional public schools, this is exactly what they’re…

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