How did Success Academy high school do on the Regents?

23 Apr

Eva Moskowitz operates outside of the American democratic system. She ignores the law and writes her own rules. Her private sector for profit business is funded with public tax dollars. Eva’s schools cherry pick students and gets rid of many of those students when they don’t measure up to Success Academies desired student profile that the be blindly obedient and great test takers. She pays herself more than a half million dollars annually from the public pocket and keeps giving herself big raises. Her Success Academy corporate charter schools supported by hedge funds have to administer the New York State Regents Exams, but unlike public schools, her for-profit corporate charters are allowed to score their own Regents Exams. Public schools are not allowed to do this. By law, in New York State, the public schools must report the results of the Regent Exams and make them public. Eva’s Success Academies have never reported their scores. Why?

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Reformers are all about ‘outcomes’ and that’s why they love Success Academy charter schools. Year after year Success Academy students outperform the rest of the state on the 3-8 ELA and math tests.

For sure if there was a hospital out there that was claiming to have the ability to cure Cancer or something like that, there would be all kinds of independent investigations and different tests to see if their claims were for real. But when it comes to education, we don’t see this so much.

The oldest Success Academy students are now in 10th grade. They have had two different cohorts of 8th graders take the specialized high school test for admission into one of the 8 specialized New York City high schools. Amazingly, none of those students made it into any of the specialized schools. That is pretty unusual that a group of students does so…

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