Ohio’s Disgraceful Charter Sector 

24 Mar

Diane Ravitch's blog

Stephen Dyer of Innovation Ohio reports on the latest comparisons between charters and public schools.

“Here are the toplines:

“72.5 percent of all state charter funding went to charters that DO NOT outperform the local school district.

“Nearly 1 in 3 charter schools receive all their state funding from higher performing local school districts.

“50 percent of the charter dollars that leave the Youngstown Schools go to charters that perform worse on the state report card.

“80 percent of all money sent to eSchools came from higher performing local school districts.

“92 percent of Ohio school districts (563 of 609) received less per pupil state funding because of the way Ohio funds its charter schools.

“Here’s my blog about the report and some more about its methodology:

Stephen Dyer

Education Policy Fellow

Innovation Ohio

35 E. Gay St.

Columbus, OH 43215”

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