Who is stealing from teachers? Sh-h-h. It’s a trade secret.

28 Jan

I’ve known about this legalized theft for some time. It hasn’t reached California yet, but we can be sure that these frauds, who are buying our elected leaders, want to pick the lock to California’s public vault too. If you pay into a retirement pension fund, this is a MUST read. If you vote, be careful who you vote for—beware of Trumps and Bushes in sheep’s clothing. For those who are elligible to vote and don’t, I can’t say what I want to say to those fools.

Reclaim Reform

After several years of being made to seem like another crazy “conspiracy theory” by corporate media coverage of teacher pension theft, the pension theft pattern has emerged into the open. There can no longer be a conspiracy (secret plan of destruction) theory when corporations and pension raiders have had laws passed to protect them from the open theft of our pensions via undisclosed fees for undisclosed investments to undisclosed sources.

teachers came for copy

Today the manner of theft is out in the open. Who has stolen how much? That is a (now) a legally protected “trade secret.”

The New York Times reports that New York City’s pensions are “hanging by a thread.”
Why? “Trade secrets.”

Fred Klonsky and David Sirota explain New York City’s and Illinois’ latest “trade secrets” that rip us off and endanger the length, size and existence of our pensions. Undisclosed fees – win or lose. High risk hedge and…

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