KIPP charter chain and torture adviser Marty Seligman: A match made in hell?

17 Jul
KIPP charter chain and torture adviser Marty Seligman: A match made in hell?

KIPP corporate charter chain hires torture expert for its “no excuses” private sector for profit schools that are opaque and do not have to follow the democratic lawss that govern public schools.

Seattle Education

Psychologist Marty Seligman Psychologist Marty Seligman “whose work formed the psychological underpinnings of the Bush administration’s torture program”.

From KIPP’s own website:

(And not to fret, I took a screen shot.)

kipp4kipp3kipp1 KIPP’s innovative approach is grounded in the research of Dr. Martin Seligman and the late Dr. Chris Peterson (the “fathers“ of Positive Psychology). Building off a partnership with KIPP NYC, Dr. Angela Duckworth and the Riverdale Country School, KIPP’s character work focuses on seven highly predictive character strengths that are correlated to leading engaged, happy and successful lives: zestgritoptimismself-controlgratitudesocial intelligence, and curiosity.

We’ve integrated our own experience as educators with this research, and developed a road map to help teachers, students, and parents foster behaviors that strengthen character.

That’s right. All those low-income minority children need is “CHARACTER”!

I have posted several articles on KIPP charter schools including a compendium…

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