Gary Rubinstein Gives Good Advice to the TFA Class of 2015

16 Jul

What has the Walton supported, union busting, teacher-bashing Teach for America (TFA) really accomplished?

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Gary Rubinstein was one of the earliest recruits to Teach for America. He was a corps members in Houston, class of 1991. Since then, he has become a high school math teacher in New York City and a persistent critic of TFA.

His major criticism of the organization is that it recruits smart, idealistic young people and gives them inadequate training for the challenges they will face. He is also not pleased with TFA’s alignment with the Corporate Reform machine that is devoted to destroying and privatizing public education.

In this post, he gives advice to new members of TFA in Houston. He watches videos in which they present their thoughts. He hears too much of the TFA can’t about how they have arrived to save poor children from lazy veteran teachers and a broken system. He knows they are being set up for failure. They don’t know it yet…

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2 responses to “Gary Rubinstein Gives Good Advice to the TFA Class of 2015

  1. Nan

    July 18, 2015 at 10:26

    Most TFA recruits are either dupes, fools or ruthless, psychopathic Bill Gates want-to-bees who will do whatever it takes to climb the corporate and/or political leader to wealth and power. All they have to do is serve their two years in the trenches and then get rewarded with positions in big corporations or on the staffs of elected representatives at the state or federal level where they can continue the damage they are helping to cause.


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