Who Does Gates Fund for “General Operating Support”?

25 May

What Bill Gates is doing with his grants that support corporate education reform in industry wide hostile takeover of the public schools and democracy is no different than the welfare system the United States once had that paid people not to work. Someone should tell Bill Gates that welfare reform under President Clinton ended the cradle to grave welfare industry for individuals even though welfare reform never ended a similar system for corporations.

Bill Gates is creating a co-dependency for corporate education reformers that is no different than being a drug addict addicted to crack cocaine, and crack cocaine addicts have been know to sell their own bodies and children to get their next fix. But what Bill Gates is doing is enabling these addicts to sell our own children to get their next fix.

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On its website, the Gates Foundation makes it clear that it often initiates contact with organizations to apply for specific grants and that it does not fund what it does not consider a Gates Foundation “priority.”

The assertiveness of the Gates Foundation in funding its approved version of education reform takes on head-tilting meaning when one considers the organizations that Gates funds “for general operating support.”

That means that the Gates Foundation has decided to that it wants to keep such organizations in business. So, it gives them money to stay afloat, like Dad shelling out an allowance to the kids.

There is no greater opportunity for fiscal dependence on the Gates Foundation than for an organization to receive Gates money for general operating expenses– especially in the case of repeated operating support grants. Note also that the Gates Foundation pays its grants in installments, and it sure can become easy to get used…

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2 responses to “Who Does Gates Fund for “General Operating Support”?

  1. booklady

    May 26, 2015 at 04:55

    LL, Saw your comment on DR blog that you’re researching T pensions. Have you read David Sirota’s 12-17-14 Intl Business Times article re the firm that Mary Pat Christie was working for (before she resigned to travel w CC)? Although the firm was no longer officially handling NJ Pension funds it still had certain fees.
    Look forward to reading your findings.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      May 26, 2015 at 07:59

      Thanks for the information. I’ll look into it. I’ve written most of the six-part series (it will come with a Read as Single Page link). My biggest challenge right now is time. I have too many fires going and not enough time to tend to them all so some are languishing. :o)


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