“Schools in Context”: The Full Text of a Major Study Comparing the U.S. to Eight Other Nations

20 Jan

“Based on the indicators included in this study, it seems clear that the United States has the most highly educated workforce among these 9 nations. At the same time, American society reveals the greatest economic inequities among the advanced nations in this analysis, combined with the highest levels of social stress, and the lowest levels of support for young families.”

United Kingdom
United States

In fact, more than a third of all adult Americans have earned a college degree. That is more than 100 million people. No other country on the planet has that many college educated citizens.

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The report released today–titled “Schools in Context”– by the National Superintendents Roundtable and the Horace Mann League tells a different story about international comparisons by looking at a broad range of indicators, not just test scores.

One part of the report is called “The Iceberg Effect,” and it shows what happens when you look only at the tip of the iceberg–test scores. A more complex and more interesting portrait of schools and society emerges when you look at the whole iceberg, not just the part that is easily measured by a standardized test. See the pdf here.

The full report of “Schools in Context” may be located in this pdf file.

The countries included in this contextual study are the United States, China, Canada, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan.

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