German Scholars Revolt Against OECD and PISA Domination by Exam

14 Jan

The OECD war against national and ethnic cultures by using the PISA test to break the religious and cultural ties that bind until everyone is cut from the same cloth. Isn’t this what the Nazis attempted to do with the concentration camps.

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I recently received a letter from Professor Dr. Jochen Krautz, a professor of art education at the University of Wuppertal. Dr. Krautz is a critic of the PISA examinations, for reasons he makes clear in the posted article, which he wrote with economist Silja Graupe.

The article is aptly titled “From Yardstick to Hegemony,” and it analyzes the steady expansion of PISA, first seen as a yardstick, but eventually evolving into a means of disrupting the cultures and educational systems of every nation it tests.

As early as 1961, the OECD issued a conference volume in which its goals were clear:

The conference was explicitly not about setting standards which would do justice to respective national traditions of education and education policy. On the contrary, the new standard was geared toward overruling all traditional concepts. The same conference volume states that, with regard to developing countries, it would be…

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