Nearly Half of U.S. Children Have Experienced Trauma

21 Dec

Never fear, Bill Gates is here, and he will fix these children with his rank and yank CCSS testing agenda. If test scores don’t improve, those traumatized children will be shot down the school to prison pipeline to a private sector, for profit, corporate prisons—a win win for corporations, because they will profit off these children in corporate Charters and then, as adults, corporate prisons.

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Politicians continue to fret about scores on tests and to ignore the causes of poor academic performance. They have this strange belief that more testing will raise test scores and that they need not address the underlying causes of low scores.

Consider this report from

“THE CONSEQUENCES OF CHILDHOOD TRAUMA: Nearly half of U.S. children have gone through a traumatic experience like exposure to violence, economic hardship, family discord or mental health and substance abuse. And for the one in five children who’ve been through at least two traumatic experiences, the consequences can be dire, a study in this month’s issue of Health Affairs says. Those kids were twice as likely as their peers to have a chronic condition and special health needs. And they were 2.5 times more likely to repeat grades in school. The study:

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