NYC Expert Debunks Eva Moskowitz’s Extravagant and Misleading Claims

13 Dec

Eve Moskowitz, Ph.D.
Alleged fraud
and Deceiver
who pays herself 500K+ annual salary funded by tax payers


The day after Thanksgiving, someone sent me an absolutely outrageous opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal.  On-line articles in that newspaper are behind a paywall, which means that I cannot provide you a link.  However, I will quote enough here from the faux-scientific piece published by New York Success Academy Charter Schools executive director, Eva Moskowitz, to give you a taste of what she said.  Moskowitz has a Ph.D, or I might suspect she has no idea about collecting and presenting evidence for an argument.  But she clearly knows better, which means she was intentionally and blatantly trying to deceive what she must imagine is a naive or stupid public.

Moskowitz’s article, titled “The Charter-School Windfall for Public Schools,” is followed by a subtitle to explain: “Competition is making even non-charter schools do better in New York. Yet the city is undermining school choice.”  In the article itself…

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