Steve Barr Bails on McDonogh; Surplus Laptops Sold Bearing Student Data

18 Oct

Where is the FBI and the Obama administration when they are needed to protect our children from the abuses of the corporate driven fake evacuation reform movement? Oh, I forgot. It was the Obama administration that opened the door to these Bill Gates, Walton and Koch brothers supported corporate fake Pub-Ed reformers, a reform movement based on nothing but lies and fraud.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

In February 2012, then-new Louisiana Superintendent John White told Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) about how he planned to work a marvel of renovation and preservation for New Orleans’ McDonogh High School by allowing Steve Barr, CEO of Green Dot Charters in Los Angeles (a businessman with no vested interest in the New Orleans community) to assume control of the school and work hand in hand with the locals:

RH: Post-Katrina, there were concerns about outsiders invading New Orleans schooling. There have been intense racial politics. How did you negotiate that during your time at the RSD, and how does that shape your approach going forward? 

JW: It’s extremely important as a leader to never give up on your ideals. But on the other hand, never give up on respecting everyone at the table. That gives you a baseline of credibility off of which to…

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