Troy A. LaRiviere: How Chicago Neighborhood Schools Outperformed Charter Schools

04 Sep

More evidence that the corporate supported, for-profit, fake-education reform movement is failing and doesn’t work. Instead, it will destroy public schools that do work. It’s obvious that for-profit, private-sector Charter schools suck money out of the classroom and they cut every corner possible to turn a profit for their investors while paying higher salaries to the Charter school managers and lower salaries, on average, for teachers who end up moving on causing a revolving door and less stability.

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Troy A. LaRaviere is principal at Blaine Elementary School. In this article in the Chicago Sun-Times, he explains how the city’s public schools got higher test scores than the city’s well-funded, politically favored charter schools. To my knowledge, the Chicago Tribune–a cheerleader for charters– has not reported this story, nor has Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged it. Please let me know if I am wrong.

LaRiviere writes:

“In terms of assessing the effectiveness of charter schools, I believe the most accurate comparison is to public magnet schools since both charters and magnets have lottery admissions processes that increase the likelihood of enrolling students with involved parents. In essence, charters are privately run magnet schools and therefore should be measured against publicly run magnet schools. I believe that turnaround schools should be compared to neighborhood schools since they both must accept students within their attendance boundaries. Using the Sun-Times results, the…

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