The Federal Fist: No Formula Funding if States Reject Common Core

24 Nov

Discover how President Obama and the federal government are destroying America’s democratically run public schools and turning them over to federal autocrats (dictators) known as bureaucrats. Imagine what it would be like if the IRS ruled America.  Who benefits and who wins as democracy is stripped from the public schools? The partial answer is private run corporations and wealthy individuals with personal, political and religious agendas like the Koch brothers; Wall-Mart’s Walton Family; Bill and Melinda Gates; neoconservatives; libertarians; progressives; Wall Street, etc.  Our kids lose and teachers will be blamed and punished when the autocrats are wrong.


First, the federal government forces Americans to choose between giving our hard-earned educational tax dollars to them –or going to jail. Next, they promise to give back some of that money –so we can stretch it tightly across our educational budgets– after the feds pay themselves most of it.

So far, so bad.

Then, the feds threaten that they will withhold even that little bit of our money if we don’t merrily skip to the illegitimate tune of Common Core.

Do the fact check.

The Department of Education in the Department’s Blueprint for Reform uses these sweet sounding words: “The goal for America’s educational system is clear: Every student should graduate from high school ready for college and a career…” Nice. (Note to self: whenever the government says something deafeningly obvious, to which nobody could raise any argument, beware: watch what the other hand is doing.)

And meanwhile– the Department…

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