About that school board race…..

30 Jul

The war that may never end that we must fight to protect our children from the Koch brothers, the Walton family, Bill Gates, President Obama, Arne Duncan and a coven of evil hedge fund billionaires.

Dad Gone Wild

thZU3AI6V8Recently epaa/aape published a study called “National Affiliation or Local Representation: When TFA Alumni Run for School Board” ( that literally sent a chill down spine. The study was focused on Teach For America’s increased foray into school board races and what it meant as far as local issues being represented. Apparently over the past couple years TFA has developed a School Board Leadership Initiative, which encourages and supports alumni to run for school board positions. Taken alone this might not be a big deal but if you think about the possible underpinnings, this is terrifying and not just because its TFA, but that the blueprint could be set for any private group.

Over the past decade reformers have banged the drum that school boards are obsolete. They’ve blamed them for much of the perceived crisis in education. In their eyes school management would be better done with mayoral control and/or…

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