What Counts Most in Education? Intellect or Interest? Facts or Soul?

29 Jul

Diane Ravitch's blog

In what most surely be the most famous statement by David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core standards, he said that “no one gives a s— what you think or feel.” In place of personal motivation, Coleman stresses cool intellectual analysis of text and problems in the Common Core. Fiction, which might dwell too much on emotion, takes a back seat to informational text.

But this is wrong, says blogger John Chase. Even in the world of business, employers find that their most valued workers are engaged in their work. They bring passion to doing it well. The best places to work have a “soul,” and they strive to keep their workers engaged and purposeful.

He writes:

“K-12 education programs that claim to prepare students for college and careers should be focused more on cultivating a wide array of social and emotional competencies that are transferable workforce skills…

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One response to “What Counts Most in Education? Intellect or Interest? Facts or Soul?

  1. Lloyd Lofthouse

    July 30, 2014 at 06:45

    Look beyond Coleman’s harsh words, and a new world order is revealed where those in power don’t give a shit about what happens to children or their famlies if the children can’t pass those bubble tests.

    We might even be able to map out the progress of how this new world order will look by studying closely all the steps taken to achieve Hitler’s Final Solution.

    Didn’t that Final Solution start with secret meetings too? And didn’t this one start the same way when the billionaires funding the fake education movement met behind closed doors to map out their Final Solution?

    What do these billionaire oligarchs have in store for the most at risk kids and their families?


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