Laura Chapman: Trouble Ahead for Higher Education from ALEC, Gates, Duncan

10 Jul

If the Obama White House has its way, this will be the beginning of the end of public education from kindergartener to graduate school PhDs. The Obama agenda envisions a future where every tax payer dollar that supports public education today will profit a corporation in some way—while corporations pay little or no tax—regardless of the quality of education being provided for future generations, becasue there will be no oversight—NONE! Fraud will be rampant. Teachers will have no job protection. Children will be taught to be obedient drones that are meant to only benefit corporate profits.

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Laura Chapman writes in response to a post about OECD ratings for higher education in different nations based on ability of adults to answer standardized test questions. This comes as the U.S. Department of Education has declared its intention to rate, rank, and evaluate colleges and universities by a variety of criteria, then to tie funding to ratings. That is, to bring the data-based decision making of NCLB to higher education.

Chapman writes:

“OCED should not be messing around with ratings of higher education programs based on totally flawed assumptions, statistical and other wise.

“Meanwhile, two developments bearing on higher education in the United States are worth noting.

“ALEC, the conservative provider of model state legislation, wants to close a lot of public colleges and universities on a fast track.

“According to Politico (June 27, 2014) in ALEC’s next meeting members will consider endorsing the “Affordable Baccalaureate Degree Act,” which…

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