I Have a Corporate Dream, Now It’s Your Nightmare – Bill Gates’ #MLKRedux

21 Feb

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest marriage of neo-liberal and neo-conservative corporate hijacking of freedom in the history of our nation.

Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

I have a Corporate Dream, Now it's Your Nightmare

“Education may be the hardest civil rights fight of all,” Gates said. “Discrimination is harder to prove and people often don’t know what levers to pull to fix the problem.”

Dear Bill and Melinda,

The minds of Americans are on Martin Luther King, Jr. today.  The fact is, your corporate education reforms are all a terrible undoing of all that Martin Luther King, Jr. worked for, sacrificed for, organized for, and ultimately lost his life for in the summer of 1968.  So what has happened to Dr. King’s dream?

I wonder,what if corporate reformers re-wrote Dr. King’s, “I Have a Dreamspeech to create their own version?  Deconstructing Dr. King’s famous speech, here is what we are witnessing across America — as corporate reformers have engaged in the unholy marriage between non-partisan neoliberals and neoconservatives — through the wedded ring of BIG business.

Here I present what…

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