What parents can learn from “The After School Routine”

10 Nov

Because I use the WordPress platform to Blog, I will Reblog the occasional post from another WordPress Blog that I want to share.  But this time, the post is from a Blog that uses Blogger as its platform, so I’m planting pull quotes and leaving links with a recommendation that parents should click and read “The After School Routine” by Robbie Cox.

Robbie Cox says, “The key to finding out anything is to ask questions. And I am never happy with one sentence answers. So I keep asking. ‘Oh? What did you do at recess?’ And I am able to find out more from her that she would not have volunteered.”

Study after study, survey after survey shows that the average American parent spends less than three-and-a-half minutes in meaningful conversation with their children in a week—and the time spent in meaningful conversation is shrinking. For example, years ago, the same surveys said it was five-minutes a day and that wasn’t enough.

The conversation that Robbie Cox is having with his nine-year-old daughter is daily and it is meaningful and it is linked to education—something every parent needs to know is what is going on at school with their child.

Cox says, “It’s about an hour to an hour and a half, Monday through Friday, August through May. It’s the routine. It’s also how parents can find out what is happening in their children’s lives.”

If you are a parent, the parent of a parent or plan to be a parent, then you owe it to yourself and those children to click that link; read that post and learn something from another parent who talks to his daughter a lot more than 3.5 minutes a week.

That’s what my Crazy Normal Blog is all about, parenting and education, and the post on Robbie’s Blog is a perfect example of what I want to promote.


Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran.

His latest novel is the award winning Running with the Enemy. Blamed for a crime he did not commit while serving in Vietnam, his country considers him a traitor. Ethan Card is a loyal U.S. Marine desperate to prove his innocence or he will never go home again.

And the woman he loves and wants to save was trained to kill Americans.

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20 responses to “What parents can learn from “The After School Routine”

  1. George Buzzetti

    November 10, 2013 at 10:52

    Lloyd, I am signed up. I am so really impressed with who you are and now understand why we had this wonderful conversation. You are also a real teacher who instills excellence and why in your students. There is no other way you did this. I wish you and Richard Arthur could meet. Just got off the phone with Richard and had so much fun telling him about our conversations and who you are and some of your experiences and what you turned your bad Nam experiences into with students. He is equally impressed. There are only a few of you. We need many more. I am going to go read the China book and yours. Going to the library after the war at LAUSD on Tuesday for all the cookies. High risk, also for them, as I already have them breaking state and Federal criminal codes.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 10, 2013 at 13:52

      Thank you. Having been through public school admin wars, all I can say is: Keep your powder dry and and target profile hard to hit; when anger is pounding hot in your blood walk away and sleep on it. Never respond from a position of anger. Let the heat subside; then let them have it with a mighty pen—and share that rhetoric with the world before the enemy even knows what it says. Make everything public. Keep nothing secret between you and the enemy because that’s the way they will want it. Those tactics worked well for me for thirty years, and then I retired and walked away on my own.

  2. George Buzzetti

    November 10, 2013 at 15:17

    Very wise words and amazingly I did that yesterday and today to get ready for Tuesday. This is my lifes work civil and human rights. If we do not clean up this corrupt mess we are all doomed. Look at the water and land pollution in China. The latest on the 400 ppm of CO2 now, first time in 5-6 million years. Increasing population that is unsustainable. We need more students like you trained in mass quantities not becoming gangsters making a mess with their smart brains. Will we survive as a species with all the nuclear problems and their half lives? That is the real big one. What if there is a monster earthquake and that building tumbles or they are exposed to air and ignite, or fall apart, or all the bad things in a situation like that that could be and is not a world wide problem. We need these smart kids and the rest of them to be thinking people not just robots doing the “Seig Heil.” We need students who think on their own and know how to analyze to come to facts. To know the law and government so they can effect it and stop this kind of insanity. This is what CORE-CA is about and we take the risks as that is what it takes.

    By the way how is it having a residence in China. That must be interesting and do you speak Chinese?

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 10, 2013 at 15:48

      The flat in China has been leased out for years and I do not speak Chinese. I’ve tried to learn but it seems I may be somewhat tone deaf which handicaps learning a language with multiple tones for the same word and each tone changes the meaning of the word—sometimes drastically. For example, the same word means apple in one tone and ass hole in another tone.

      When we visit China, because the flat is leased, we end up staying in hotels.

      Have you read “TSA and Pigs”? A post that came out today.

      The piece is about how radical elements on the left and right have demonized the TSA and pointed out who is responsible for the lies, false rumors and false accusations:

      TSA and Pigs says, “In its opening stages, the PR campaign was driven by a grand alliance of right-wing media outlets, Koch-funded advocacy groups, libertarian operatives, warmongering neocons, neo-Confederates and Christian homophobes.”


      The same groups mentioned here who are behind demonizing the TSA are also behind and/or involved in demeaning teachers; teacher unions while claiming the public schools are failing when that is not true. Why are they doing this? Because people/groups like those mentioned above have their perception of the world and want to mold and force the world to fit that perception. Their agenda is to used lies and false rumors spread through the media on a regular basis to change public perception and create a wave of pressure that will change the country to be what they want it to be. And there is a lot of money behind this movement to reform America into a libertarian, warmongering, nation building evangelical Christian nation ruled by the far right. They been at it to tear down the fabric of America for more than thirty years hammering away without a break. The first step was when President Reagan vetoed the Fairness Doctrine that required both sides of an issue to be given similar time and spade in the media to offer the public both sides of all issues.

  3. George Buzzetti

    November 10, 2013 at 16:24

    I have an old book “Eisenhower as We Knew Him.” In there is a story of about 1920 when he and Mamie were in Panama with the mud and stuff. He is at his commanding officers and his commanding officer says this “Ike, weapons have changed a lot in 2,000 years, but one thing has not changed, what is that Ike asked, Human Nature.” So, to that point at every time in history no matter the culture or time when too much repression and no way to make a living and eat especially if you have children, people will do anything primal to survive, You saw it in the jungle in Nam and read the stories about the Philippines right now. I just read some and saw some horrific stories. I purposely and agressively made sure I did not have to see what you did.

    I showed my classmates the Aviation Week stories from the pilots. They were brain dead and brainwashed. Nothing I could do but expose them to the truth. Many years later I actually met the Full Bird Colonel who commanded those pilots who wrote the letters, fought with Westmoreland about the stupid dangerous missions they were on and was later trashed in the service. I met him at the wake for a friends mom. He never thought he would meet someone effected by what he and his pilots tried to warn us about and I never ever thought I would meet “The Man.” These things change your lives, both of us. Things make more sense. You are helping me make more sense out of many things by your ability to relate meaningful experiences for a clearer understanding of major problems as no one knows all. This is a constant education that is thrilling as it should be as that is what creates learning is wanting to know more and how things work and how to fix them. To do this and be effective takes a lot of knowledge and never in just one area. You obviously were a better teacher by your experiences so as to be able to input not even by words but by tone of voice, body movement, facial expression a nature to things that got their attention. For one thing you are not just some wimp who sat at a desk. You have experienced terror, possible death too many times and from what you said all around you and you lived. Today that is a special PTSD just identified by the Marine Corps in which they stated that 50% of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan have today. Just one of them and nothing else. You heard those soldiers who were with Bill when he jumped on the hand grenade. It is not gone. Never will be. I have not been in the military and have had those experiences too many times out of no where a gun is in your face. Not fun and never will be with a crazy person on the other end.

    This changes your outlook. It makes it more imperative to stop the destruction of the “True Education” of our youth as they are the future no matter what anyone wants or thinks. This is why we do not take their money so we can be honest brokers with integrity and when we say something for decades it has been backed up and in reality makes sense. I spend 6-10 hours a day studying every day. This is the only way you can do it with no help. And there is almost none as it gets tougher they run for the hills. Just as the Eisenhower quote. Very bright man. He was also in the first military driving across the U.S. in 1920 and it was a mess and he said then this is not good national policy for defense and commerce. In 1955, when prez. the freeways. We used to have to go from the San Fernando Valley to go to Downtown on city streets to get to a freeway to finish going to Disneyland. Lucky for us at the time Lockheed was a really good place with the old original totally professional crew running it so Lockheed rented Disneyland every year for a day for Lockheed Employees. So with 11 kids you can imagine what it would cost without this. Every year and at Christmas they used to have Santa give out really kool toys for free to every Lockheed employees child or children no matter how many. We got a lot of toys. What happened? Now you have to work at Google for this?

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 10, 2013 at 16:41

      I wonder if the billionaires—like the Koch brothers or the Walton family—who hate labor unions and paying workers a livable wage [I’m thinking of fast-food joints and Wal-Mart as the worst of the bunch] have ever considered who will buy the products they make if no one has a job or earns enough money to have extra cash to spend. Shelter and food usually comes first. The consumer junk that we could survive without should come last. They could build all the robots they want to build this junk for a cheaper price but if no one has a job because of the robots then there will be no real people with money—other than the to one percent—who can buy anything beyond beans, rice and water.

  4. George Buzzetti

    November 10, 2013 at 18:23

    That is my long time exact question that Henry Ford understood better against adversity than anyone and was proven to be correct until Reagan and the Chicago/Austrian Fascist Economic Schools took hold. Then they bought off the Dems. Now it is a Kabuki Dance.

    Real long term steady growth, until the resources run out, ha,ha, says pay people enough, keep them healthy so you get as much as possible because there is no better motivator of people than to be in a good work environment. Then they have enough money to buy the corporations and others stuff and all go ahead like before when my uncle was paying 90% and had a very large yaght and before private jets had a Sky King power prop twin engine hot rod and used to be a Navy pilot in the Pacific. He was one of the first people in Gulf and Western. At 90% tax he didn’t do bad. Back then he had what was then a very large boat at 85′ and could go 5,000 miles on a tank. Now it is 500′ boats and 125′ boats that will cruise at 75 mph. People are ordering A380 jumbo jets and 747-8 jumbo jets like candy now. Out of control. Pollution is going to kill us. Just read about water pollution over there and have been for awhile, outrageous. They are now destroying several thousand years of sustainable agriculture in several generations. The Three Gorges Dam has changed the climate there and they say is causing earthquakes from the weight, but they did do it on budget and on time and moved cities.

    Until we get a grip on how we all can live on a finite little blue ball somewhere on the outer third of our galaxy with a minor nothing sun with no where to go we are doomed. Population control of some kind is necessary yet how with those with nothing and dependent on children to take care of them later. Very difficult formula and computation to work out. Yet just now 400 ppm CO2 is passed. Acidification of the oceans, melting glaciers and the big one the U.S. causing havoc with useless wars, unless you are a supplier. Now with that winding down they certainly need a new profit center and education is easy pickings without built in power against them so go for it and that is what is happening in the shark feeding frenzy going on right now and much to be played out Tuesday at LAUSD. Let’s see if they break any more laws and rules. As Cheney said “Who Knows?”

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 11, 2013 at 07:16

      I think it is crazy to think that the earth can support lifestyles like the middle and upper middle class lifestyles in the United States for the world. For example, America’s love of the automobile. Not even counting the CO2 emissions from cars that are running on gasoline or deisel, the resources it takes to produce hundreds of millions of cars for each family or individual is unsustainable.

      That is what China is doing—copying the American middle class lifestyle but for 1.3+ billion people. Look at the mess the US has created with just 316 million. Even battery powered cars produce pollution to produce the batteries. Maybe hydrogen powered fuel cells will produce less pollution but still, how many monstrous pits must we dig so everyone can drive a car.

      Of course, that makes me guilty, because I’ve owned a car and been driving since I was age 15. But can we blame the Chinese for wanting this lifestyle when American TV and American movies export this lifestyle in all the films that flow overseas as American diplomats promoting the American dream. It is so inticing.

      Do we need global population control? Yes!!!! But will we get it, I don’t think so. For example, and old friend of mine that I’ve known most of my life going back to grade school became a born again evangelical fundamentalist Christan a few years back. He is also a libertarian who believes in little government control and a supporter of the Tea Party and the neo-cons. That mix pretty much sums up a powerful political/religious voting block in the United States that is supported by big money from the Walton family and Koch brothers.

      Here’s what he told me when I told him there were too many people on the planet. Before you read further, take a deep breath and calm yourself. He said, “Lloyd, the earth is overpopulated. There’s plenty of room in Texas to hold the entire population of the planet.”

      Imagine that, 7+ billion people all living in Texas. Let your imagination run wile and think what kind of environment that would be. We would be living compacted into a restricted area with Islamic terrorists, white American supremacists, every kind of criminal and pervert, every type of person you can imagine. Scary thought that anyone would even suggest that the earth isn’t overpopulated because we have room in Texas to cram seven billion people leaving the rest of the planet for food production. Imagine the pollution produced to move all that food from around the world to feed the billions teaming in that alternative world Texas. Argggggg!!!!!

      And this came out of the mouth of a college educated individual who is an avid reader mostly of science fiction and fantasy. And I’ve read that science fiction and fantasy is a genre that is more conservative in its politics views than liberal and that this appeals to conservative readers. That doesn’t mean liberals or moderates don’t read this genre but it is an indicator of how this far right freaks think. I have no idea what an avid far left reader would read.

  5. George Buzzetti

    November 10, 2013 at 20:46

    I have been telling everyone that it is illegal to use school construction bond money for iPads and any salaries with them unless related to construction. Well here it is. Took all of 5 minutes. Now the fun at LAUSD begins with the proven corruption as this is an Attorney General Opinion.

    Black Law Dictionary definition of “operating expenses”: Those expenses required to keep the business running, e.g. rent, electricity, heat. Expenses incurred in the course of ordinary activities of an entity.

    End of message. No bonds for iPads or any electronic devices.

    No wonder the game is so crazy. Again beat them to the punch. Now we see how they jump.

    26 School Facilities. Local Majority Vote.
    Bonds, Taxes. Initiative Constitutional
    Amendment and Statute.
    Official Title and Summary Prepared by the Attorney General
    • Authorizes school, community college districts, and county education offices that evaluate safety, class size,
    information technology needs to issue bonds for construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement
    of school facilities if approved by majority of applicable jurisdiction’s voters.
    • New accountability requirements include annual performance, financial audits.
    • Prohibits use of bonds for salaries or other school operating expenses.
    • Requires that facilities be available to public charter schools.
    • Authorizes property taxes higher than existing 1% limit by majority vote, rather than two-thirds currently
    required, as necessary to pay the bonds.
    Summary of Legislative Analyst’s
    Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact:
    • Increased local school district debt costs—potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars statewide each
    year within a decade. These costs would depend on voter action on future local school bond issues and would
    vary by individual district.
    • Unknown impact on state costs. Potential longer-term state savings to the extent local school districts
    assume greater responsibility for funding school facilities.
    Analysis by the Legislative Analyst
    Property Taxes
    The California Constitution limits property taxes to
    1 percent of the value of property. Property taxes may only
    exceed this limit to pay for (1) any local government debts
    approved by the voters prior to July 1, 1978 or (2) bonds to buy
    or improve real property that receive two-thirds voter approval
    after July 1, 1978.
    School Facilities
    Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade (K–12). California
    public school facilities are the responsibility of over 1,000 school
    districts and county offices of education. Over the years, the
    state has provided a significant portion of the funding for these
    facilities through the state schools facilities program. Most
    recently, this program was funded with $6.7 billion in state
    general obligation bonds approved by the voters in November
    Under this program, the state generally pays:
    • 50 percent of the cost of new school facilities.
    • 80 percent of the cost of modernizing existing facilities. • 100 percent of the cost of either new facilities or
    modernization in ‘‘hardship cases.’’
    In addition to state bonds, funding for school facilities has
    been provided from a variety of other sources, including:
    • School district general obligation bonds. • Special local bonds (known as ‘‘Mello-Roos’’ bonds).
    • Fees that school districts charge builders on new
    residential, commercial, and industrial construction.
    Community Colleges. Community colleges are part of the
    state’s higher education system and include 107 campuses
    operated by 72 local districts. Their facilities are funded
    differently than K–12 schools. In recent years, most facilities
    for community colleges have been funded 100 percent by the
    state generally using state bonds. The state funds are available
    only if appropriated by the Legislature for the specific facility.
    There is no requirement that local community college districts
    provide a portion of the funding in order to obtain state funds.
    Community college districts also may fund construction of
    facilities with local general obligation bonds or other nonstate
    funds if they so choose.
    Charter Schools
    Charter schools are independent public schools formed by
    teachers, parents, and other individuals and/or groups. The
    schools function under contracts or ‘‘charters’’ with local school
    districts, county boards of education, or the State Board of
    Education. They are exempt from most state laws and
    regulations affecting public schools.
    As of October 1999, there were 252 charter schools in
    California, serving about 88,000 students (less than 2 percent
    of all K–12 students). The law permits an additional 100
    charter schools each year until 2003, at which time the charter
    school program will be reviewed by the Legislature. Under
    current law, school districts must allow charter schools to use,
    at no charge, facilities not currently used by the district for
    instructional or administrative purposes.
    66 P2000PROPOSAL
    This proposition (1) changes the State Constitution to lower
    the voting requirement for passage of local school bonds and (2)
    changes existing statutory law regarding charter schools
    facilities. The local school jurisdictions affected by this
    proposition are K–12 school districts, community college
    districts, and county boards of education.
    Voting Requirement for Passage of Local School Bonds
    This proposition allows (1) school facilities bond measures to
    be approved by a majority (rather than two-thirds) of the voters
    in local elections and (2) property taxes to exceed the current
    1 percent limit in order to repay the bonds.
    This majority vote requirement would apply only if the local
    bond measure presented to the voters includes:
    • A requirement that the bond funds can be used only for
    construction, rehabilitation, equipping of school facilities,
    or the acquisition or lease of real property for school
    • A specific list of school projects to be funded and the school
    board certifies it has evaluated safety, class size reduction,
    and information technology needs in developing the list. • A requirement that the school board conduct annual,
    independent financial and performance audits until all
    bond funds have been spent to ensure that the bond funds
    have been used only for the projects listed in the measure.
    Charter Schools Facilities
    This proposition requires each local K–12 school district to
    provide charter schools facilities sufficient to accommodate the
    charter school’s students. The district, however, would not be
    required to spend its general discretionary revenues to provide
    these facilities for charter schools. The district, however, could
    choose to use these or other revenues—including state and local
    The proposition also provides that:
    • The facilities must be reasonably equivalent to the district
    schools that these students would otherwise attend.
    • The district may charge the charter school for its facilities. • A district may decline to provide facilities for a charter
    school with a current or projected enrollment of fewer than
    80 students.
    Local School Impact
    This proposition would make it easier for school bonds to be
    approved by local voters. For example between 1986 and June
    1999: • K–12 Schools. K–12 bond measures totaling over $17
    billion received the necessary two-thirds voter approval.
    During the same period, however, almost $11 billion of
    bonds received over 50 percent—but less than
    two-thirds—voter approval and therefore were defeated.
    • Community Colleges. Local community college bond
    measures totaling almost $330 million received the
    necessary two-thirds voter approval. During the same
    period, though, almost $390 million of bonds received over
    50 percent—but less than two-thirds—voter approval and
    therefore were defeated.
    Districts approving bond measures that otherwise would not
    have been approved would have increased debt costs to pay off
    the bonds. The magnitude of these local costs is unknown, but
    on a statewide basis could be in the hundreds of millions of
    dollars annually within a decade.
    State Impact
    The proposition’s impact on state costs is less certain. In the
    near term, it could have varied effects on demand for state bond
    funds. For instance, if more local bonds are approved, fewer
    local jurisdictions would qualify for hardship funding by the
    state. In this case, state funding would be reduced from 100
    percent to 50 percent of the cost for a new local school. On the
    other hand, there are over 500 school jurisdictions that do not
    currently participate in the state school facilities program. To
    the extent the reduced voter-approval requirement encourages
    some of these districts to participate in the state program,
    demand for state bond funds would increase.
    In the longer run, the proposition could have a more
    significant impact on state costs. For instance, its approval
    could result in local districts assuming greater funding
    responsibility for school facilities. If this occurred, the state’s
    debt service costs would decline over time.
    The actual impact on state costs ultimately would depend on
    the level of state bonds placed on the ballot in future years by
    the Legislature and Governor, and voters’ decisions on those
    bond measures.
    Charter Schools
    The requirement that K–12 school districts provide charter
    schools with comparable facilities could increase state and local
    costs. As discussed above, districts are currently required to
    provide facilities for charter schools only if unused district
    facilities are available. The proposition might lead many
    districts to increase the size of their bond issues somewhat to
    cover the cost of facilities for charter schools. This could also
    increase state costs to the extent districts apply for and receive
    state matching funds. The amount of this increase is unknown,
    as it would depend on the availability of existing facilities and
    the number and types of charter schools.
    For text of Proposition 26 see page 143
    P2000 6726 School Facilities. Local Majority Vote.
    Bonds, Taxes. Initiative Constitutional
    Amendment and Statute.
    Argument in Favor of Proposition 26
    Remember when you were in school? The fun, the fears, the homework. Forty of your friends packed into one classroom. That’s right. Today, California classrooms are among the most crowded in the nation, many are in desperate need of
    repair and most still need to be wired for the Internet and the
    learning technologies of the 21st century. PROP. 26 GUARANTEES THAT TAXPAYERS WILL KNOW
    We all want the best education for our kids. But we also want
    to make sure that our education dollars are spent wisely. Prop.
    26 lets us have both. It makes it easier for local communities to
    invest in their schools and adds tough new accountability
    requirements that aren’t in place now. THAT’S WHY PROP. 26 IS BACKED BY SUCH
    Californians are tired of tax dollars being wasted. That’s why Prop. 26 requires local school districts to list in advance how
    the money from local school bonds will be spent. If Prop. 26
    passes, all voters will receive the list before you vote on your
    next local school bond. And Prop. 26 prohibits bond money from
    being used for administration and salaries. That means money
    for our kids, not bureaucrats.
    This initiative requires independent audits twice a year to help make sure the money has been spent properly and as the
    school district promised. These financial and performance
    audits will help guarantee the project gets done right. We need
    these safeguards to ensure that bond money goes to classrooms,
    where it belongs.
    Smaller class sizes in grades kindergarten through third is one school reform that has proven to work. Kids just cannot get
    the attention they need in packed classrooms. Prop. 26 makes it
    easier for local communities to build new schools or add new
    classrooms so we can reduce class size. For class size reduction
    to help our kids achieve more, we need to build more classrooms
    for our kids.
    Prop. 26 does not raise taxes. It allows a majority in each community to decide for itself how much to invest in their
    kids—like whether or not to build new classrooms or to repair crumbling school buildings. To help fix our schools and ensure education dollars are spent wisely, please join us in voting YES on Prop. 26—a good investment in our children, our state, and our future.
    President, California PTA
    President, California Chamber of Commerce
    President, California Teachers Association
    Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 26
    Vote NO on Proposition 26.
    Proposition 26 will make it easy for property taxes to go up AGAIN and AGAIN because LOCAL BONDS INCREASE
    The wealthy special interests behind Proposition 26 claim it
    will allow more ‘‘investment.’’ But the truth is: TAXPAYERS
    1996, voters approved over $11.8 BILLION in LOCAL school
    bonds with a TWO-THIRDS vote!
    Proposition 26 backers claim it has accountability. WHAT ACCOUNTABILITY?
    Under CURRENT LAW, school bonds CANNOT BE USED
    politicians and bureaucrats who misspend taxpayer dollars on
    projects like the BELMONT SCHOOL FIASCO in Los Angeles! DOESN’T REQUIRE environmental safeguards for school sites. We can’t afford more disasters like BELMONT.
    DOESN’T REQUIRE school facilities be adequately maintained.
    DOESN’T REQUIRE that student scores get better. HOMEOWNERS WILL STILL PAY HIGHER TAXES even if
    student performance lags. DOESN’T REQUIRE citizen oversight of bond spending. Do you trust politicians without citizen oversight? Homeowners, seniors, taxpayer organizations, consumer advocates, small businesses and the CALIFORNIA
    Don’t saddle our CHILDREN and FUTURE GENERATIONS
    with LONG-TERM DEBT.
    Chairman, Don’t Double Your Property Taxes, Vote No
    on Proposition 26, a Project of the Howard Jarvis
    Taxpayers Association
    Governing Board Member, Covina-Valley Unified
    School District
    Retired School District Administrator
    68 Arguments printed on this page are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. P200026 School Facilities. Local Majority Vote.
    Bonds, Taxes. Initiative Constitutional
    Amendment and Statute.
    Argument Against Proposition 26
    Vote NO on Proposition 26.
    Passing Proposition 26 will hurt homeowners because it makes it very easy to RAISE PROPERTY TAXES, over and
    requires a TWO-THIRDS vote to approve local bonds that are
    repaid only by PROPERTY OWNERS through HIGHER
    Proposition 26 means 50% of those voting can pass expensive new bonds that ONLY PROPERTY TAXPAYERS MUST PAY
    THAN 9 OUT OF 10 BONDS! Supporters of Proposition 26
    want 100% of local school bonds to pass—RAISING
    HOMEOWNERS! Districts that recently passed bonds can hit
    taxpayers with ADDITIONAL bonds. The result will be
    In some elections, voter turnout is only 10%. That means under Proposition 26 just 5% of registered voters can impose a
    30-year increase in your property taxes! When a bond passes, a
    lien is placed on your home to guarantee repayment. IF YOU
    ELECTIONS, but if Proposition 26 passes it will be easy for
    bonds which are repaid entirely by property owners. THE CURRENT SYSTEM WORKS FOR BOTH
    California has required a two-thirds vote for local bonds since 1879. This two-thirds vote protection has not halted California’s
    growth over the past century. When a good case is made to local voters, bonds pass with a
    two-thirds vote. Since 1996, 62% of all local school bonds
    passed. Recently, school districts as diverse as Los Angeles, San
    Diego, Santa Ana, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, San
    Bernardino, Long Beach, Ventura, San Francisco, and many
    others all passed bonds with a two-thirds vote. Since 1996, voters approved more than $11.8 BILLION in LOCAL school bonds with a TWO-THIRDS vote! That’s
    BILLIONS in liens ALREADY being paid off by homeowners!
    Do you want virtually ALL bonds to pass and have MORE liens
    against your home? PROPOSITION 26 MEANS YOU PAY WHILE
    Developers want Proposition 26 passed so YOU end up paying MORE for school construction resulting from increased
    development. Proposition 26 is a tax shift from developers to
    homeowners. Developers get higher profits, while
    Proposition 26 is not education reform. It’s about making it MUCH EASIER TO INCREASE TAXES ON YOUR HOME.
    Don’t make it much easier to raise your property taxes, especially when school construction is being so mishandled by
    politicians and bureaucrats like in Los Angeles with the
    Chairman, Don’t Double Your Property Taxes, Vote No
    on Proposition 26, a Project of the Howard Jarvis
    Taxpayers Association
    Past President, Council of Sacramento Senior
    President, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association
    Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 26
    Opponents of Prop. 26 don’t seem to understand it.
    Prop. 26 isn’t a property tax increase. Prop. 26 gives a majority in each community the power to decide whether to
    invest in reducing class size, repairing crumbling schools,
    wiring their schools for computers, or leaving things as they
    Reducing class size has proven to improve student performance. Yet, California classrooms are still the most
    crowded in the nation. We cannot further reduce class size
    without building more classrooms. Prop. 26 allows each
    community to decide. PROP. 26 WILL MAKE SCHOOL BOARDS MORE
    We want to invest in education, but we’re tired of seeing our money wasted. Prop. 26 will help prevent problems like
    Belmont High in the Los Angeles district from occurring in the
    future. If Prop. 26 passes, voters will have to be told in advance
    how local bond money will be spent. Prop. 26 mandates that
    none of the money can be spent on bureaucracy or salaries. Prop. 26 requires two annual independent audits to make certain bond money is spent correctly. DIVERSE GROUPS LIKE THE CHAMBER OF
    President, AARP
    Chairman, California Business for Education
    President, League of Women Voters
    P2000 Arguments printed on this page are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. 69

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 11, 2013 at 07:30

      Could this be an example of why America’s Founding Fathers despised democracy. Because when a country is ruled by voters that make up the entire adult population of its citizens, it is so easy to fool large blocks of those people with propaganda and sell them on an issue or agenda that is not good for them because they are so stupid; ignorant and functionally illiterate that they are incapable of filtering the lies from the facts that would reveal the truth.

      What if we returned to the 18th century when in America—after the rebellion—voters had to own property to be able to vote? What if owning property was only one route to voting rights for both men and women? What if one could also earn his or her way to the vote if he or she were highly educated and literate but illiterate people and functionally illiterate people who didn’t own a thriving, profitable business or their own home were not allowed to vote?

      Then it would be more difficult for people like the Koch brothers and the Walton family and groups like the Tea Party; neoconservatives, and evangelical Fundamentalist Christians to fool enough people to vote for their political/profit motivate/ religious agendas. It would be harder for the modern-day carpetbaggers who are destroying public education in America to sell their brand of lies to the voter—it would be more difficult to fool enough voters to win because most of the voters would have higher critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and literacy skills making them harder to fool as a group.

      I think that all these interest groups that I’ve mentioned would be hell bent to stop that from happening not because they believe everyone should have a right to vote but because they know they would lost the edge they have to fool enough people to achieve whatever their goals are.

      But America’s Founding Fathers despised a democracy where every adult had the vote and they had a rood reason because history shows this doesn’t work. In the long run, the freedoms that the original republic the Founding Fathers gave us will be eroded and then vanish as the country become some sort of hybrid oligarchy, plutocracy and theocracy ruled by a small number of wealthy Americans like the Koch brothers and the Walton family in an alliance with far right Christian fanatics who would have the power to decide how everyone else was allowed to live.

  6. George Buzzetti

    November 11, 2013 at 10:31

    This is what genetic selection is all about. The problem is that the worse is winning. This is contrary to nature. We are a limited small blue ball in a very large universe. I have been into astronomy since very young and in the 5th grade my Dad and I joined Stony Ridge Observatory. Stony Ridge is placed on the first place for the Palomar Observatory behind Mt. Wilson. The seeing is better than Palomar but too close to earthquake faults. This private group built the larges private telescope at the time with the highest quality optics of the time. The member who ground the mirror lived in a foam igloo in his driveway for a year to finish the mirror to avoid temperature changes. Lockheed paid to finish it to use as one of two telescopes to do the initial work on finding where to land on the moon. The member who designed the thing, George Carroll, Mr. Wizard, founded Lockheed Solar Astronomy which is now a world leader in that field. This is where I come from. They treated this 5th grade student as a full member and always asked my advice at every meeting from the 5th grade. I only realize now what they were doing. I have been lucky enough to have many mentors like this and that is the reason for my wide varying views and putting them together as you also do as is so obvious.

    If we do not get a grip on this from the NUTJOBS like your fundamentalist friend and my fundamentalist sisters we are all doomed to a terrible finish of war, starvation, slaughter and worse as the fighting for the last resources goes into full swing. X+Y=Z always. As Eisenhower’s commanding officer said “human nature has not changed.” End of message, the rest is just that. This is why I will not stop. I just ended the iPad game with the California Attorney Generals Opinion on the illegal use of school construction bonds. Districts are now in a legal jungle of illegal expenditures of bonds. If we do not do this in all other sectors and bring some sanity to this and get away from the throw away culture we are doomed. We do not use heat or cooling in our house. We do not use very much water in the house only the garden and massive pool we have. We have one of the most sophisticated houses anywhere people tell us. I maintain the property and my friend trims the trees and plants with scissors for the “Real Look.” It is also very highly secure with an 8′ wall, solid doors keyed inside and outside as the place has nothing in it not 100 years old and in perfect condition. We are mad collectors our entire lives. We do not have a lot of money but live better than most by being careful. This is the lesson. We do not leave lights on, I use the low wattage lamps for work. We use incandescent in the house but they are almost always off. We want them for the proper look along with the Tiffany Candlesticks and candles. Stunning. If I did not have this environment the quality of my work would not be the same.

    Aquaculture and aquaponics is the only way to feed ourselves in the future. We are very connected in that world and almost had a 90,000 sq.ft. facility until the LAPD decided they wanted it for a youth facility just before we finished the deal. There is only 5% loss of water/year. No pollution, no GMO, totally organic as the fish poop is the perfect fertilizer. Every time the water from the fish tanks goes to the plants and then back to the tanks it is cleaned and purified. This is a closed system without any pollution and can grow an enormous amount of food in a very small space.

    We need these smart youth to be involved in this. Our plan was to have it next to the high school where this facility was and to train at risk youth and low level offenders and spread this out to other outlying communities. This facility had the capacity of $15-20 million/year and run on solar power. the financials are astoundingly good. The market unlimited. Saving our waterways unreal. How stupid can we be?????

    I think this Attorney General’s Opinion is a game changer as this is a big wrench in their works.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 11, 2013 at 10:49

      This is a sticky issue—hot button all the way. Today there are more than 7 billion humans on the plant and almost one billion are hungry all the time and are threatened with malnutrition and starvation and fundamentalist Christians argue we have to make sure every fertilized egg survives to birth even if it is born without a brain or has a severe mental and physical disability that makes it impossible to live an average normal life. Meanwhile, in countries like India thousands of children and adults die every day from malnutrition and starvation. And there are populated areas on the planet where there isn’t enough fresh, safe water to drink leading to other health problems.

      I think anyone who belongs to the right to life movement should put all their money and time to helping the disadvantaged wherever they live. That means if someone is a fundamentalist Christian who thinks abortion—or even wearing a condom or taking birth control—is wrong and is murder, he or she should move to India and become a Mother Teresa who dedicates his or her entire life to helping improve the lives of those same people living in extreme poverty. They don’t have to leave the US to do it either. They can move to those areas in America where Americans who live in extreme poverty are.

      Here’s a piece at Washington about the “Millions of Americans [who] live in extreme poverty” surviving on less than $1.25 a day.

      Pull quote: “The results are astonishing. Using data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), a Census program that tracks samples of tens of thousands of households across 2 1/2 to 4 years, Edin and Shaefer estimate that in 2011, 1.65 million U.S. households fell below the $2 a day per person threshold in a given month. Those households included 3.55 million children, and accounted for 4.3 percent of all non-elderly households with children.”

      In conclusion, those who support the right to life and believe abortion and birth control are a sin against humanity should adopt someone living in extreme poverty and have them move in and live with them so they would not suffer. Another choice, would be to adopt a dysfunctional child or one with severe disabilities. There are more than 400,000 children waiting for adoption in the United States and those who are the most difficult to find a family willing to adopt them are the most dysfunctional and disabled.

      And there are plenty of people who would qualify. In 2011, an NPR Poll found that 59% of Americans say having an abortion is wrong.

      But, I think that anyone who believes this is also unwilling to sacrifice and help those who live in extreme poverty and/or are not willing to adopt one of those children is a hypocrite and that makes their opinion invalid.

  7. George Buzzetti

    November 11, 2013 at 12:06

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I know fundamentalists too well. They are the same as the cults I fought many years ago. Same psychology and the same as those who push for charters and such. True Believers not True Thinkers. Total opposites. Whatever master tells you is so no matter what. I have a lot of fundamentalist sisters, sickening what they say as they sit in a good life. What if they were put on the street as I have existed in the past to keep my business through other recessions. They would complain about being broke while telling me about their next 7 skiing trips around the country that winter. That is not broke, broke is not having any money and such as you see downtown. There is a guy here who is so messed up and no help in our sick society. His butt is hanging out with his pants undone and his penis barely covered as he talks to who knows what. We need to help these people as with the older women I see in wheelchairs outside of churches, large ones, and no help. Good Christians I say. Yep, that is what Jesus is all about. I am an athiest, but, I had 12 years of religious training and know the bible inside out and all of its double dealings. Jesus said “Save the Children” I do that and get garbage for it and say to them “This is your Jesus talking I do the work you do not and you give me crap for doing what you god tells you to do, how do you live with yourself with this?” They do not know what to do except go back into their protective shell of “Does not Exist, only my fantasy world exists.” I think this is what you are talking about. Lloyd, it is up to just a few of us to do the work. Just that simple. You have certainly helped me take my convictions and arguments up to another level with these influential discussions. I hope it is the same on your personal side and with all those reading this between us. We are discussing what should be on the real broad stage. If we are lucky, with what I have found on the iPad financing game we will have that opportunity. This is prep. It is necessary for a real look at our findings and how they work together to now take this destruction and make it a real creative collaborative effort based on thought and facts not on How much can I make and not care how much I mess others lives but what is that which will turn this around and save humanity as if this does not happen man is in for a bad ride and will take most live on this planet down with it. Then the planet and nature will do what it does anyway make something new from scratch as the building blocks are here in the amino acids and such. It will just start again as it has billions of years to do it in. Those who think the world is only 5 years old cannot explain how atom bombs work when the same principals apply to determining the age by 1/2 lives of particles. DUH!!!!

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 11, 2013 at 12:33

      I thought thorium would offer safe nuclear power that couldn’t be weaponized but I found out last weekend that I was wrong. There have been thorium bombs and they have been tested but plutonium has nothing to worry about. Thorium does not deliver the BANG that plutonium does. The blast yield of a thorium bomb is much lower than plutonium.

      But thorium is still a safer source for electricity than plutonium based reactors.

  8. George Buzzetti

    November 11, 2013 at 12:50

    No nucs is the only way to go. We do not know what to do with that super, most dangerous ever junk with 1/2 million year half lives. I used to have massive arguments with my Dad over nuclear powered aircraft at the time the Skunk Works was looking into this and like the hydrogen powered plane Kelly Johnson scrapped and gave back to the government the rest of the money as they were larks of the worse order as was the Navy plane that took off straight up was also. When Kelly Johnson saw big problems which were not solvable he just stopped everything and shut it down no matter what anyone thought. Very smart and ethical. My Dad was since the 40’s the top flight test guy almost on the planet, if not the top. On this one he turned out to be wrong. Too much True Believer as at that time were the first nuc subs and nuc power was going to be so cheap it would be free. Remember those plaques stating “All Electric House” which is bad on your pocket book now. Didn’t work out that way, now they are able to wipe us out through genetic damage from radiation which destroys DNA.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 12, 2013 at 07:43

      Every time there is an nuclear bomb test somewhere or an accident at a nuclear power plant and that junk leaks into the water or air, it travels. For example, air pollution from China travels east to North America; air pollution from North America travels east to Europe; air pollution in Europe travels east to the USSR; the Middle East and India.

      I’m not sure if The Himalaya Mountains are enough of a wall to protect China from air pollution coming from The Middle East and India. I think so because America’s West coast is protected by the Rockies and the Sierras from the brutal winter weather that flows down from Canada and hits the American Midwest and east coast.

      Watch this video to get an idea of how many nuclear bomb tests/blasts there have been since 1945 and all that nuclear pollution is in the air and water. It is frightening to sit through this 14.24 minute video to the end. Before the video ends, it actually looks as if we’ve already had a nuclear war.

      Then there is this video on the top ten worst nuclear power plant accidents:

      Scary stuff what our governments do behind our backs; then when we discover it, they all point fingers at each other until we have no idea who is really to blame.

  9. George Buzzetti

    November 12, 2013 at 22:22

    Lloyd, ever wonder why they are letting this go on? Think. Contact me personally no longer on this blog. Like I have not known.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 13, 2013 at 07:59

      I know why the US has let this insanity go on. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate. Brainwashed people are even easier. The US has fractured into a number of extreme political/religious groups. I think the Internet has facilitated these nut cases finding each other so they gain numbers and support. In addition, there are very wealthy Americans who support these extreme groups using their HUGE wealth to finance these groups so they will have more political clout when it comes to elections. And the major media is now owned by six huge corporations. I was telling my wife there isn’t much difference with the media in the US and the state owned media in China. The CCP is run like a corporation and the media is controlled by six huge corporations in the West. And corporations are not democracies. They are dictatorships run by a CEO and president with a board of directors being pressured by Wall Street investors to get profits up and do it anyway possible without getting caught. The structure of China’s CCP is exactly the same as a corporation except they don’t have stock holders, which might make them less prone to outside pressure leading to catastrophes like the 2007-08 global financial crises.

      For just three examples: two of the Koch brothers; the Walton family and Murdock [an Aussie who is now an American citizen] the owner of one of the largest media empires on the planet that includes the Fox Network. The Koch brothers finance the libertarian movement and the climate change denial campaign; Murdock is a neoconservative; and the Walton families biggest passion is to destroy the US public schools.

      I prefer to conduct most of my communication through my Blogs but it isn’t that hard to find my e-mail contact info. As much as I use the Internet to built my platform, I don’t text, don’t own a smart phone and probably talk on the phone less than five minutes a month. Most e-mails are to family. If there is anything you don’t want made public, all you have to do is to say you want that comment deleted. And there is no way to avoid being spied on if the government wants to eavesdrop on any form of electronic communication.

      If the feds really want to keep an eye on you, there probably isn’t a safe place on the planet even face to face.

      Anyway, I sort of got off topic. Literacy and especially high levels of education and literacy where people are taught to think outside the box, question things, think creatively an solve problems is a threat to groups funded by people like Koch, Murdock and the Waltons. Their extremism is best supported by ignorant people who are easy to fool and this explains why conservatives during presidential elections tend to sweep the poorest and most uneducated states by huge margins.

      But I don’t think Obama is really a liberal. I think he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his agenda is murky. What was his personal agenda when he became president. Is he the equivalent of some sort of Manchurian candidate?

      For example, Obama took No Child Left Behind and made it worse. Under No Child Left Behind, schools only had to show steady improvement and reach the to 20th percentile by a certain year. Under Obama, No Child Left Behind was renamed and changed and calls for 100% of students to graduate from high school reading on grade level and all going to college and if that target is not hit it means that there are too many incompetent teachers in the public schools and they must be fired until—with no job protection or labor union to get in the way—all 3.5 million teachers in the US are super teachers who can do no wrong and kids follow around as if they are the Pied Piper.

      Under G. W. Bush and Obama, America has been regressing into a dark ages culture where 1% control all the wealth and the rest of us are underpaid, starving serfs and salves to that 1%. IF the US keeps traveling down the path that is is now on, that will be the eventual result.

  10. Ray

    November 13, 2013 at 16:42

    Any fool can be a parent. It takes no training. And it seems like there are many fools who are parents in this world.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      November 14, 2013 at 06:47

      True. There should be mandatory schooling for parents to learn how to be parents. It’s not enough just to have sex and give birth. Many parents have no idea how to properly raise a child so he or she grows up to love books and read well. Many parents think once their kid gets into school, there job is done. Many parents allow their children too much freedom to watch TV and play video games, etc. Too many parents are horrible role models and their children grow up to be like them—horrible role models as parents creating a cycle of poor parenting.


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