The Food Wars

09 Aug

Children and teens NEED a nutritious diet—no sweets and sodas.

Lloyd Lofthouse

Elements of agriculture and the food industry have been at war with healthy lifestyles for decades.

For example, on one side there is the fast-food, sugar, soda, meat and dairy industry motivated by profit. On the other side, we have the PCRM, who supports healthy lifestyle choices.

I recently read about one of the battles in this food-health war at Yahoo’s Shine Foods. I have no idea how long Yahoo will leave this link active, because Yahoo—curse their stingy RAM policies—usually deletes what they publish after a few days or weeks probably to save space so they don’t have to buy more RAM.

Here’s the headline and link for the Yahoo Shine Foods piece: McDonald’s McDouble: Cheapest, Most Nutritious Food in History? No Way

I think: some brain-dead idiot named Kyle Smith [inspired by another brain-dead idiot who has a podcast through Freakonomics] wrote a column for…

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