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Grendel’s Closed Door Policy – Part 1/4

To armor myself against attacks from citizens of the Litigation Nation for telling the truth, anytime I name someone when I write posts, the names will be false.

I taught in Rowland Unified School District from 1975 to 2005.  For three of those years, I taught at Alvarado Intermediate in Rowland Heights.

In the early 80s, it was common knowledge that the school district played musical chairs with their principals. In thirty years as a teacher, I worked under nine or ten principals and taught in several schools.

In 1989, I settled at Nogales High School (NHS) in La Puente, California.

In comparison, the principal at our daughter’s alma mater, Los Lomas High School (five hundred miles from NHA) had the same position for about two decades before he retired.

Before he became principal, he was a teacher at the same school.

Rowland Unified (in the 1980s) adopted the same tactics used by the Soviet army during the cold war—the Soviets rotated officers so they didn’t get too chummy with the troops.

I’ve heard that the administration running Rowland Unified these days dropped that Soviet policy.

Wouldn’t you know it—after thirty years teaching in an academic Gulag, some Santa dropped down the chimney to improve the working environment for teachers.

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