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Mother Crusader discovers who’s behind the agenda to profit off Newark, New Jersey’s children?

UPDATE: May 13, 2014

In a major setback for the Chris Christie administration, City Councilman Ras Baraka was elected Mayor of Newark tonight with 54% of the vote. School closings were a major issue in the election.

Over on, Mother Crusader (click link to read her full post) discovers that billionaires are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the mayor’s race in Newark, New Jersey to defeat Ras Baraka, because these fake education reformers want to continue to shut down public schools and profit from taxes meant to teach our children.

Mother Crusader says, “Never intended to become a parent advocate until I watched the great schools in my little town come under attack. The more I learned about what was happening the more I read. The more I read the more I saw how what is happening here is tied to towns across not only New Jersey, but the country. And now I’m in the thick of it, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.”

Mother Crusader reveals: “The Newark mayoral race is heating up with less than a week to go, and there has been plenty of discussion about an influx of cash to the Jeffries campaign and questions as to where the money is coming from.

The group has raised more than $1.3 million. Its donors include several financial executives and an $850,000 donation from Education Reform Now, a politically active education reform organization, according to its election filing report.

Newark First has spent almost $425,000 on the election, the report says.

Click Mother Crusader to discover what her investigative reporting has revealed about this corrupt attempt to steal an election from Ras Baraka.


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