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Blind, Deaf, and Dumber to the facts and doomed to fail — Part 2/4

In Yet One More Doomed Education Reform , Robert Weissberg hits all the important points of why any meaningful education reform will never take place in the US as long as Americans refuse to take their heads out of the sand, abandon conservative and/or liberal political correctness and accept the facts.

I may not agree with everything Weissberg believes or writes but he is spot-on in this essay.

Weissberg is a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Illinois and points out that “one feature of American education that dares not speak its name in public: the intellectual quality of students.”

Anthony Daniels writing for The New Criterion says, His [Weissberg] choice of topic and method of attack has led him to be described as a ‘slaughterer of sacred cows’.

In Weissberg’s 2010 Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, he claims that Hispanics/Latinos and African-Americans have lower IQs [on average] than whites and Asians [which has been documented by valid and reputable often ignored scientific studies], a difference, he claims, that is genetically determined.

If you doubt Weissberg’s claim, I refer you to Appendix F, Racial Group IQ Comparisons on page 575 of the hardcover edition of K. D. Koratsky’s Living With Evolution or Dying Without It to see these facts.

Koratsky documents that 61% of Asians have IQs above 100, 52% of Caucasians, 33% of Hispanics and 17% of African-Americans.

Those above an IQ of 110 make up 37% of Asians, 27% of Caucasians, 13% of Hispanics and 7% of African-Americans.

In addition, 58% of African-Americans have an IQ lower than 90, while Hispanics number 41% in this category, Caucasians 27%, and Asians 15%.

Of course, reputable studies have discovered that IQ is not an indication of success and motivation is more important, but what happens when IQ and motivation are both missing?

Continued on October 28, 2011 in Blind, Deaf and Dumber to the facts and doomed to fail – Part 3 or return to Part 1


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