Tim Slekar: We Do Not Have a Teacher Shortage

12 Feb

There’s isn’t a shortage of teachers that want to teach, but there are teachers that are leaving the profession because of the decades long war of words and horrible rules and even worse policies that has been waged on public education that makes it almost impossible to teach.

This war was declared back in the 1980s by Republican President Ronald Reagan, a war that escalated with No Child Left behind decades later by another Republican President G. W. Bush, and then again by Democratic President Obama.

President Traitor Trump also continued that war and so is Democratic President Joe Biden.

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Tim Slekar, Director of the Educator Preparation Program, Muskingum University of Ohio. He insists we do not have a teacher shortage. We have a shortage of respect for teachers as professionals. He wrote the following:

Enough Already! It’s NOT a teacher shortage.

The public is not begging for teachers yet, but districts are. At some point, if this pathway does not change, the public will also be begging for teachers.” Scott Klimek

It was 9:55 am and Mrs. Tichon’s kindergartners were focused on the literacy task at hand. Every Monday morning at 9:45 Mrs. Tichon’s 26 kindergartners had to spend 15 minutes completing a district mandated “literacy check.” And every Monday three of Mrs. Tichon’s children never finished at 10:00 am and had to miss recess. 

Not today though! Mrs. Tichon had had enough. At 10:00 am she announced to her class that it was time to turn in…

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