Peter Greene: The CRT Crusaders Are Targeting Individual Teachers and Schools

02 Jul

I think Traitor Trump and his MAGA minions are behind the Republican “1984” style campaign to censor and silence teachers to control what children learn about racism had social justice. I think this is another attempt by Traitor Trump to hold on to political power and the flow of political contributions that he uses for other purposes, like his legal defenses against all the lawsuits coming after him and his criminal business enterprise.

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Peter Greene writes here about the growing ferocity and viciousness of the rightwing crusade against “critical race theory.” Leave aside the fact that 99% of teachers have never heard of CRT, the crusaders are targeting teachers who are suspected of teaching about racism and social justice.

The crusaders operate on the assumption that teaching the actual history of racism, segregation, and Jim Crow is subversive and unpatriotic. Nothing negative ever happened in the U.S. It was all good.

Greene writes:

Anti-Critical Race Theory warriors are coming for schools, and for the teachers in them.

In New York City, the groupFree To Learnis spendingmillions of dollars on ad buysto target NYC schools (including some private ones) who are accused of indoctrinating children. The group says it supports the basic principle that students should be free to ask questions, develop individual thoughts and opinions, and think critically–but not…

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