PA Gov. Wolf Fires Charter School Appeals Board. Every. Single. Member.

15 May
PA Gov. Wolf Fires Charter School Appeals Board. Every. Single. Member.

Here’s another example of how the “Reform School” private sector but publicly funded Charter school industry is deliberately destroying the working class, community-based, democratically managed, transparent, have to follow the law, public schools with employees that belong to public-sector unions.

As a rule, those “reform school” Charters are not transparent and do not have to follow the same laws that OUR public schools do.


Being Governor of Pennsylvania must be one of the most thankless but important jobs ever.

With a hopelessly gerrymandered legislature, a majority of Republican lawmakers representing a minority of voters stops nearly anything from getting done for the rest of us.

If it weren’t for a Democratic Governor to act as a check and balance on this lunatic fringe, the state would devolve into chaos.

Case in point: the Charter School Appeals Board (CAB).

It took Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, seven years to fire his predecessor’s appointments and nominate replacements to the CAB.

Yet the GOP legislature is crying crocodile tears that he’s exceeding his authority by doing so.

The board is supposed to be a place where charter schools can challenge decisions made by their local school boards.

Charters are schools that are funded by taxpayer dollars but can be privately operated.

They have to ask the local…

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