The American Prospect: Proposals for Biden’s Day One Progressive Agenda

04 Jan

Will President Biden do anything to fix the public education mess started by President Reagan’s lies in his “A Nation at Risk” Report, and continued with Bush #1, Clinton, Bush #2, Obama, and Trump?

The United States once had a public education system that was the envy of the world. Even China sent people to study our K-12 public education system to learn how to improve public education in China. But that was before Bush #2 declared total war on K through college public education that every president since has continued.

It’s time to rebuild America’s public education system from Kindergarten on up.

First, President Biden must support teachers’ unions and put teachers in charge of decisions in the classrooms just like Finland does.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The American Prospect has advice for Joe Biden about how he can make dramatic changes on Day One.

Pick your topic: Corporate taxes, the War on Terror, student debt.

Everything is here except for what he can do on Day One to help American education. He can end the Reign of Error of NCLB, Race to the Top, Every Student Succeeds Act, and Common Core. On Day One, he could waive all federal testing mandates for 2021. That would be a start.

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One response to “The American Prospect: Proposals for Biden’s Day One Progressive Agenda

  1. Lloyd Lofthouse

    January 18, 2021 at 19:11

    I always find it appalling when someone condemns an agenda like Biden’s before it happened.
    But then again, what can we expect from someone that runs all their thoughts through a biased lens the blinds them to ignore the mixed history of progressivism.

    Anyone that expects every agenda to be 100% successful, is n ignorant fool.

    “The progressive reforms during the period 1890-1915 in the areas of urban life and politics were mixed successes, with some reforms working well and others not, but were overall largely successful. In urban life, the progressives worked hard to improve the conditions for all, to better the cities themselves.”


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