Los Angeles: Please Help Jackie Goldberg Win Election to LAUSD Board

27 Jan

If you live in Los Angeles and vote, VOTE for Jackie Goldberg. Do NOT let the billionaire Boys Club, that wants to privatize (for profit) all of public education, win another seat on the LAUSD School Board.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This post is an unabashed appeal for your contribution to a vital political race in Los Angeles. The billionaires (Broad, Walton, Hastings, etc.) have poured millions into buying control of the LAUSD board. That board hired a clueless hedge fund manager, Austin Beutner, who is bringing in every Reform retread to help him figure out how to do maximum disruption to the district.

I am asking you here and now to send Jackie Goldberg whatever you can afford.

The race for the empty seat on the LAUSD board is important for Los Angeles, but it is also important for California and for the nation. If Jackie wins this seat, her voice and her experience and knowledge will command a Quisling board.

Jackie Goldberg is a dynamo. She taught for many years, then won a seat on the Los Angeles school board. She then ran for the State Assembly and eventually…

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