Corrupt Cybercharters: Ban Them All!

04 Jan

Indiana’s publicly funded, private sector, virtual corporate charter schools only graduated 2% – Two percent – of their 1,009 – one-thousand-and-nine seniors. That was a graduation class of 20 out of 1,009, and this virtual charter school takes money away from real brick-and-mortar publicly funded public schools. Why does Indiana let this virtual charter school stay in business?

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Shaina Cavazos of Chalkbeat in Indiana reports on the startling graduation rate of Indiana’s publicly funded virtual charter school: 2%. Two percent.

“About 2 percent of Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy’s 1,009 seniors graduated, putting the school’s graduation rate below just two others — a school that caters to students with significant intellectual and behavioral disabilities and an adult high school that enrolls only a couple dozen students each and graduated no students last year. Across the state, the vast majority of schools graduate at least three-quarters of their senior students.”

Do you remember when charter advocates promised that charters would be more successful, more innovative, and more accountable than public schools? They are not. For-profit Virtual Charter Schools are scams. They are a waste of money. They are a public embarrassment. Why are they allowed to open?

Peter Greene explains here about this Indiana cybercharter, which buys its existence…

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