Teacher: I Signed Up to Teach Art History, Not to Carry Weapons or Die

24 Feb

One mother and teacher says, “How dare you make me into a hero when I just want to teach.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Rebecca Field is a teacher of art history in Richmond, Virginia. She wrote a powerful letter that got the attention of CNN and went viral. 

She wrote:

Dear every elected official,

Nowhere in my contract does it state that if the need arises, I have to shield students from gunfire with my own body. If it did, I wouldn’t have signed it. I love my job. I love my students. I am also a mother with 2 amazing daughters…. I imagine that if someone was trying to kill my students, that I would try to save them with all my being. I probably would jump on top of a child to save her life. And yes, I might be one of those heroic teachers that the media writes tributes to after their death. But I am furious that I would have to make this sacrifice. I am incensed that my…

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