Peter Greene on a Defector from the World of “Personalized Learning”

20 Jan

charter school companies are businesses, not schools, and that personalized learning via computer is a sham and a fraud

Diane Ravitch's blog

I applaud those who defect or dissent from received wisdom. I know from personal experience that it is especially hard to dissent when it means stepping off a money train and leaving behind your friends.

Paul Emerich was a true believer in “personalized learning.” On this Blog, the term is translated to mean “depersonalized learning.”

Peter Greene is not sure whether to congratulate him for waking up or to chastise him for his cluelessness. 

Greene writes:

“I’ve been trying to understand why this piece, which confirms so much of what many of us have said, and does so from the perspective of someone who’s been there– why does this rub me the wrong way. The best explanation is this: Emerich calls himself naive, but I think he’s letting himself off easy. I don’t think he’s so much naive as arrogant, and the same arrogance that was displayed in heading off…

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