Steve Zimmer: The Case Against Myself

16 May

It is abhorrent that such an important election could be determined solely on lies and distortions. It should scare everyone that believes in the U.S. Constitution.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Los Angeles votes today on whether to re-elect Steve Zimmer to the board of education or to choose a man who is a puppet of billionaires who want to turn the schools over to unregulated private operators.

Steve deserves to be re-elected, and Imelda Padilla deserves to join him on the board.

Steve wrote a stunning article in Huffington Post, in which he offers four reasons why someone might decide to vote against him. He also refutes the outright lies on which Nick Melvin’s entire campaign is based.

He writes:

I want to present four legitimate arguments against me. These are good and fair reasons to vote against me on May 16th.

I know this is unusual, but because my opponent has lied so much about my record, I thought I would just go ahead and do this myself. I hope you will share this with your friends and…

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