DeVos and Alliance for School Choice: Where the Ultimate “Choice” Means Vouchers to Private Schools

28 Jan

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For the past few years, I have been receiving mailers from Washington, DC-based, Alliance for School Choice (AFSC).

Alliance for School Choice is a nonprofit that promotes a particular kind of choice: publicly-funded vouchers to private schools.

The goal of these mailers is to get me to “enroll my child in a private school FOR FREE!”, thereby “put[ting]” my child “on the road to a better education!”

If I do not do so, I could be “letting” my child “get left behind.”

afsc-mailout (Click to enlarge)

According to AFSC’s 2014 tax form (the most recent on file as of this writing), Michigan billionaire and voucher lover, Betsy DeVos, is AFSC chair.

Also noted on the AFSC tax form is that DeVos’ American Federation for Children (AFC) is the lobbying nonprofit associated with AFSC.

In fact, in a 2013 Philanthropy Roundtable interview, DeVos discusses her connection with AFSC and AFC:


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