Speaking Up for Diane Ravitch

21 Jan


January 7th this year, Diane Ravitch posted “STOP: Our Government Wants to Create a National Database about Everyone, Including YOUR Children.” As with many of Diane’s posts, she was amplifying the work of someone else. This time it was a post by Cheri Kiesecker at the “Missouri Education Watchdog.” It provided evidence about the dangerous loss of privacy facing American society – especially students. It highlighted the big money in datamining. I forwarded Diane’s post through Facebook and Twitter. Soon, that post was shared again on Facebook where it drew more than fifty mostly derogatory comments. Not about datamining or profiteering but about Diane Ravitch.

Attacking Public Educations Best Ally

The person who shared from my Facebook page wrote, “I stopped sharing any of Diane Ravitch’s posts but I had to share this one from Gretchen Logue ‘s blog from October 2016.” One comment read, “I stopped…

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4 responses to “Speaking Up for Diane Ravitch

  1. m4potw

    January 21, 2017 at 22:01

    Dear Guru Lloyd Lofthouse:

    Thank you very much for this post. I am speechless to learn that FEW educators in California try to defame Dr. Ravitch’s dedication to promote and to protect American Public Education. May King

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      January 22, 2017 at 08:03

      Educators are not all liberals or progressives or even Democratic as is the stereotypical belief thanks to misleading propaganda from the Alt-Right hate media machine. In fact, public school teachers come from ever political faction and about a third are registered Republicans and conservatives. It isn’t surprising to me that a few people who call themselves educators disagree with Dr. Ravitch. I even know a few who think the public schools are failures mostly because they had a difficult time controlling their students and teaching, so they blame the system and not poverty. I even knew, worked with, a few teachers who listened to Rush Limbaugh and believed all of the crap that spewed from his foul, hate mongering, lying mouth.

  2. booklady

    January 22, 2017 at 07:16

    Lloyd, Please read BBC news online 1-21-17 article “Protesters from Canada, UK, turned away at US border.” It’s distressing. A Montrealer & travel mates were asked if they supported or opposed Trump.
    I’ll be calling legislators Monday. Hope you will urge your readers to do so.
    Don’t know how to link; google BBC protesters.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      January 22, 2017 at 07:54

      Here’s the link to the BBC piece.

      “We were told to pull aside, cars were searched, we were fingerprinted and photographed, they confiscated our phones and asked us to unlock them,” he told the BBC.

      “They asked us a few questions, about whether we there to disrupt or anything like that but mostly had to stew for about two hours and then they told us: ‘You’re going home, going back to Canada.'”

      It’s possible that because of the damage during the protests on Friday in Washington DC, the arrests of 216 protesters, that Homeland Security raised the threat level increasing the paranoid level of border guards.


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