Here we go Again: Taxation without Representation

21 Apr

Lloyd Lofthouse

It is arguable that the taxes that fund public sector services are being targeted and looted by private sector corporations.

In the corporate war to profit from public funds—the taxes everyone who works is supposed to pay—billionaire oligarchs like Bill Gates, Eli Broad, the Walton family, the Koch brothers and their allies among the wealthiest 1% are taking over teaching our children, profiting off publicly funded private sector prisons, profiting off publicly funded private sector military contractors, and the list goes on.

Most if not all workers pay income taxes, but did you know that many corporations and millionaires don’t.  According to Forbes, “More than 90% of US Businesses Don’t Pay The Corporate Income Tax, and CNBC reported that “20 big profitable US companies paid no taxes.” In fact, according to PoliticFact, the “Middle Class pays higher tax rates than millionaires,” and 7,000 millionaires “gaming the system

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