I Watched Bernie on Charter Schools

13 Mar

Diane Ravitch's blog

I watched the replay of the Ohio Town Hall specifically to understand what Bernie said about charter schools.

The teacher who posed the question was a TFA charter teacher. She asked a leading question. She asserted that in Ohio, charter schools led the state in helping poor black and Hispanic children, then she asked whether they should play a role in solving the problems of these children.

To begin with, her assertion was inaccurate. It was propaganda for charters, which in Ohio have experienced numerous financial and academic scandals. In addition, she failed to mention that charters are far more likely to be low-performing than public schools. (See: here and here). Ohio has charter operators who give large campaign contributions and evade accountability. Some Ohio charter owners have made millions.

Bernie Sanders responded that he supports public education, and he supports public charter schools. He then talked about the…

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