John Merrow: Who’s Making the Big Bucks in Charter World?

01 Mar

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Merrow decided to calculate which school leader was making the most money based on the number of students enrolled.

Carmen Farina pulls down about $.20 per child, $.40 if you include her pension.

“New York’s most prominent charter school operator is, of course, Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academies. She has received a significant pay raise and now makes $567,000 a year, as Ben Chapman reported in the New York Daily News. Success Academies enrolls 11,000 students, the same number as in Chicago’s Noble Network.

“Let’s do the math. 567,000 divided by 11,000 equals 51.35, meaning that Ms. Moskowitz is earning $51.35 per student, nearly two-and-one-half times what Mr. Milkie is paid per student.

“If Carmen Fariña were running Success Academies instead of the nation’s largest school district, at her current pay rate of 40 cents per student she’d be earning $4400 a year!

“Put another…

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