NBC News: Students Fall Behind in Virtual Charters; For-Profits Rip Off Taxpayers

26 Feb

Diane Ravitch's blog

NBC News has caught on to one of the biggest hoaxes of the corporate reform movement: the failure of virtual charter schools. About 200,000 students are currently enrolled in virtual charters. The attrition rates are high, but the industry spends taxpayer dollars constantly recruiting to increase their numbers. It is good to see the mainstream media catching on to what critics of virtual charters have known for a few years.

Some sharp eyed person in their news department learned about the CREDO study last fall that showed that students enrolled in these stay-at-home schools lose ground academically. In the case of math, they lose a full year of instruction for every year they are enrolled. In reading, they also lose ground, as much as 72 days.

The CREDO study says:

The first set of analyses examines the academic growth of online charter students compared to the matched VCRs made…

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