The Last Word on What Hillary Said: Her Words in Context

24 Dec

What did Hillary Clinton really say about closing public schools?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Valerie Strauss posted the full transcript of Hillary’s remarks. It is important to see the context of what she said, which was not to bash schools or to advocate closing them.

Here is the relevant section of her comments:

I’m also going to do everything I can to defend education, and to make it clear that the best way to improve elementary and secondary education is to actually listen to the teachers and educators who are in the classrooms with our students and not scapegoat them and treat them like they don’t have any contribution to make.

And I wanna say a word about small rural schools like this one. Because I know that was the original reason that you all got so excited and why you were stalking presidential candidates. [laughter] And I don’t blame you. And I actually looked up some numbers.

Y’know Iowa has one of the…

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