Peter Greene Explains NCTQ’s Report on Teacher Evaluation 

14 Nov

“Stupid is as Stupid Does” – Forest Gump. Read this post and discover what Forest Gump meant. The Urban Dictionary defined this quote from Gump: “It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.”

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Peter Greene truly performs a public service for all of us. He reads the deluge of reports and studies about what’s wrong with teachers, public schools, unions, teacher preparation, etc. so others don’t have to.

In this post, he writes a hilarious summary of the latest report of the National Council on Teacher Quality. He starts by noting that no one on the “council” or the staff is an experienced teacher.

That’s a clue.
NCTQ rates the education schools of the nation, not visiting any campuses, just reading course catalogues. In this report, NCTQ rates states by how faithfully they are adopting NCTQ’s recommendations for teacher evaluation , even though it offers no evidence for the soundness of those recommendations. It’s main policy goal is to ensure that teachers are evaluated by the test scores of their students, ignoring the succinct dismissal of that policy by the American Statistical…

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