The New York Times: The Walton Family Has Bankrolled Charters Across the Nation

15 Oct

Discover how the Walton family is taking over the United States by doing away with the community based, democratic public schools and replacing them with autocratic, for-profit corporate controlled Charter schools.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This story is a bit more than a year old, but it remains relevant as an update on the education “reforms” favored by the mammoth Walton Family Foundation.

It has spent more than a billion on its far-right, free-market vision of school reform. The foundation estimates that it has provided funding for one of every four new charters in the country.

Make no mistake. The Waltons, beneficiaries of the Walmart stores, don’t like public schools. They like privately managed schools. They like vouchers. They believe that school choice is the answer to education equality and ultimately to eliminating poverty.

Note that the Walton-funded charters rely on Teach for America for a large chunk of their staff. That explains why the Waltons are the single biggest contributor to TFA.

Since Walmart is known for paying low wages, the Walton family knows a thing or two about poverty. Instead of opening…

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