Eva Rallies in My Backyard

07 Oct

Eva Moskowitz does what public schools can’t, because it is against the law. She holds funded, staged, choreographed rallies to destroy transparent, community based,democratic public education so she can pay herself more than the half million dollars taxpayers are already paying her to segregate children.

Diane Ravitch's blog

It is a school day in Néw York City. Across the city, over one million children are in class.

But not the children of Eva’s Success Academies! They (and possibly some allied charters) are holding a mass rally at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn. The park is lined with rented buses. As the children and their parents step off the buses, an adult hands them a hand-lettered sign to carry, demanding more support for charter schools.

There are multiple buses for the recording and video services. This is a well-funded, professionally orchestrated demonstration of support for privatization. If public schools closed for a political rally, their principals would be fired.

The children and parents are all wearing identical red tee-shirts, with the slogan “Dont Steal Possible.” This slogan works nicely in suggesting that someone is trying to close down charter schools, and this imminent threat to their survival must be…

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