Carol Burris: VAM on Trial

16 Aug

The Waltons, the Bill Gates Cabal of Billionaires, Eli Broad, a vipers nest of Hedge Funds, and the Koch Brothers have all been slandering and libeling public school teachers for years making them the skapegoat for all of Americans problems and now their Common Core Crap high stakes testing is on trial in New York State. This is Strongly Suggested Reading. Putting VAM on Trial is putting the RheeForm movement on Trial and defending teachers against the greed-is-good, for-profit education industry. Is the media covering this trial like they covered the Vergara trial in Los Angeles when the Rheeform movement—paid for by those billionaires—was attacking public school teachers?

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Carol Burris went to Albany to attend the trial of Sheri Lederman’s case against the state of New York, which rated her “ineffective” based on her students’ growth scores. Many other educators attended the trial, which has national implications.

Sheri is an outstanding fourth grade teacher in a high-performing district. When she learned of her poor, computer-generated rating, she was devastated. But her husband Bruce, an attorney, determined to sue the state. He gathered affidavits from some of the mation’s leading experts on teacher evaluations, as well as students, teachers, and her principal.

At the trial, the judge recognized that grading teachers on a curve made no sense.

Burris reports:

“The exasperated New York Supreme Court judge, Roger McDonough, tried to get Assistant Attorney General Galligan to answer his questions. He was looking for clarity and instead got circuitous responses about bell curves, “outliers” and adjustments. Fourth-grade teacher Sheri Lederman’s…

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