Jack Covey: Teacher Jail is an Outrage

12 Aug

Diane Ravitch's blog

Reader Jack Covey explains the injustice of “teacher jail” in Los Angeles.”

“Wow, the article from THE NATION
about teacher jail and Dr. Stevenson
is devastating. It was published in
April 2014, when Dr. Stevenson was
still languishing in teacher jails,
and written by one JoAnn Wypijewski.

“It deals with Deasy’s exploiting the “sex” and “child molestation” angles as a dishonest way to crush innocent veteranteachers—the highest paid naturally—and simultaneously destroy teacher unions’ ability to protect innocent teachers unjustly accused of something

“Here’s the opening paragraphs:


JoAnn Wypijewski of THE NATION:

“Iris Stevenson hurt no child, seduced no teenager, abused no student at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles. This is what her supporters say in rallying outrage that this exemplary teacher has languished for months in the gulag of administrative detention known as ‘teacher jail’: she doesn’t belong there.

“And she doesn’t.

“Days before being removed from…

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