“Education, Inc.”: A Stunning Documentary about the Dark Money Behind “Reform”

27 Jul

I just ordered a DVD of this documentary through Pay Pal. Easiest Pay Pal transaction I’ve ever made. Order your copy today and learn what the psychopaths are doing to our democratic, transparent, non-profit public schools.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Brian Malone, documentary film-maker, has self-funded a film about the corporate assault on public education.

His film is a MUST-SEE. It is titled EDUCATION, INC.

Malone is a parent of two children in the public schools of Douglas County, Colorado. He documents the well-funded effort to take control of the local school board. Grassroots activists running for school board raised $40,000. Corporate reform privatizers received over $1 million in funding, which they used for a slick propaganda campaign. They won control of the school board and immediately began implementing their plans for vouchers, charters, union-busting, and salary caps for teachers. The exodus of teachers from the district more than doubled. The district paid hired guns (including former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett) to praise its “reforms.” A commissioned study by Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute hailed DougCo as “the most interesting district” in the nation.

Malone crisscrosses the…

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