A Teacher Writes about Greed-Greed-Greed

20 Jun

Greed is Good among the RheeFormers

Diane Ravitch's blog

This teacher blogger has compiled a list of some of the most recent charter school scandals. It is not an exhaustive list; the scandals just keep coming. [For a more exhaustive summary, go to “charter school scandals,” a website maintained by Oakland, California, parent activist Sharon Higgins (with no subsidy from corporations,foundations, unions or anyone else.)

This teacher blogger memorably writes:

As I see it, “corporate” is to “education” as “cigarette manufacturer” is to “public health and well-being.

And then on to recent scandals, like charter schools inflating enrollment to pad their payments by the state.

He finds:

In other words, with stunning regularity, corporate education boiled down to one simple word. And that word was: Greed.

Why is anyone really surprised?

Many of us have written, for example, about the giant cesspool that is the for-profit college industry. It’s a great gig, after all, when five top…

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